Wood Burning Pyrography Kit - 28pcs

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With this product, you will have more than you wanted. And there is always a beauty in that! With this wood burning kit, you will be able to type your wood and make amazing pyrography designs for your homemade product, as a decoration or anything else. While at the same time you will have a comfortable and reliable electric soldering pen for connecting circuits and repairing electronic pieces.

The complete wood burning kit

The wood-burning pen is made with the best high-quality materials, an iron-plated tip, and stainless steel and heat resistant plastic. Perfect for controlling and having stable temperatures during use. This machine reaches a temperature from 200°C to 450 degrees Celsius. Is ideal for craving on wood and making amazing pyrography or to reconnect simple circuits. You can use this product for a hobby or professional work.

This wood-burning kit comes with up to 15 wood burning tips and basic letters, numbers, and symbols set for easy craving. 

If you are a wood shopper, you should have your own pyrography mark, as they will last forever and will give your handcraft products the highest quality and will improve on your brand.  

Product Specifications:

  • Soldering Iron Length: about  2.5in/6.5cm 
  • Cable Length: about 57in/145cm
  • Working Voltage: 220V,110V
  • Color: red and black

Package contains:

1x Wood Burning Pyrography Kit - 28pcs:

  • 15pcs wood burning tips
  • 10pcs soldering tips
  • 1set  hot carving knife 
  • 2pcs  stencils(numbers,letters&basic symbols set)



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