Weather Predicting Storm Glass

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This is the best decoration for your living room, window, or bedroom. This storm glass can predict the weather before it happens! Thanks to its inner liquid, it will change its form and looks depending on the weather, the atmospheric changes, and all kinds of different things.  

Feel like an 18th-century man, discovering the world around us, in much simpler times where we didn't have so many technologies. This storm glass is effective, you will be impressed! And it was the first invention that opened the gates to the modern weather prediction devices that we have at the palm of our hands

What is a Storm Glass

Created in the 18th century by the world's first meteorologist, Robert Fitzroy, a Storm glass is a miniature planet. And it works because the chemical mix that is inside the glass changes its solubility depending on the atmospheric changes and temperature of the outside. Being able to predict the weather as never before. 


Perfect decoration:

This storm glass is a great decoration, as it has a great and real backstory. You can start a conversation from there! The best part is, this product comes in a variety of colors. So that you could choose the one you like the most. Although transparent is the original color. The storm glass works perfectly with every color. You should see how beautiful is to have your tiny pink blizzard in the palm of your hand or at your coffee table!

How to interpret your storm glass: 

  • When the liquid in the bottle is clear and clean, the weather is sunny and clear.
  • When the liquid turbidity in the bottle hazy, there should be a cloudy sky.
  • If inside the bottle appears large crystals, the weather will be cool or there would even be snow or blizzard soon.

Product Specifications:

  • Material: Glass
  • Shape: Drop
  • Size:8*5cm
  • Color: As the picture is shown

Package contains:

1x Weather Predicting Storm Glass



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