Waterproof Ultrasonic Solar Pest Repellent - Human Friendly Device

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Frustrated from wild animals or animal droppings frequently disturb your garden or your property? - This Animal Repellent Will Help!

Don't worry, the Solar Ultrasonic Animal Repeller effectively rids your yard of pests by chasing away pests and intruders in your garden with high-pitched ultrasonic frequencies that are inaudible to the human ear.

Keep unwanted animals out of your garden by using the solar ultrasonic animal repeller. These Solar Animal Repellers are a great solution for nuisance animals. This ultrasonic animal repeller uses PIR motion sensors to detect animals and then sends a powerful sonic sound wave to disrupt their movement.

The highly sensitive motion sensor extends the detection range to as far as 30 feet so it can easily pick up movement in the rear yard. 

Benefits Of The Solar Rat Repellent Ground Device:

  • Solar powered & waterproof, this device is an environmentally friendly way to deter unwanted animals from your property. Can be placed in a potted plant, or hung on a wall as a home decor piece.

  • Set up the pest repellent device to warn you when animals are present and then you can keep them away. The solar-powered device automatically detects the presence of animals and emits an ultrasonic sound to scare them away.  

  • Using ultrasonic technology, it emits high-pitched sound waves that animals find unpleasant and startle the animals of the property. The ultrasonic sound waves, inaudible to humans, are designed to disorient and confuse the animals to a point where they are no longer a threat.

  • Its functionality is simple, you just need to place it at a corner where you want to drive away from the animals and the device will emit a tone that the animals find unpleasant. This device won't cause any harmful effects on animals, so it is SAFE TO USE.


  • Safe repellant: No chemicals and does not harm/damage the animals, only deters them with sound
  • Solar-Powered: You can also use 3 AA Ni-MH batteries as an alternative source of power
  • Adjustable switch, motion sensor, and ultrasound speaker
  • Size: 15 x 12 x 7cm/Battery: 3x AA Rechargeable 800mAh Battery(Included)
  • Effective range: 5,000sq.ft.



    • Materials: ABS
    • Waterproof: IPX4
    • Item Size: 15 x 12 x 7cm
    • Coverage Area: 5,000sq.ft.
    • (Battery Included)
    • Infrared (PIR) Sensor Range: 110 degree
    • Detection Distance: Up to 30 ft. Depending on animal size.
    • Power Supply: Rechargeable 3 x AA Ni-MH 1.2v 800mah battery, recharged by solar panel (solar energy) or USB power adapter (5V/500mAh).

    Package Includes:

    • 1x Waterproof Ultrasonic Solar Pest Repellent - Human Friendly Device
    • 1x USB Charge Cable
    • 1x Installing Pole
    • 1x User manual 
    • (Battery Included)



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