Water Bottle Pump

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Water Bottle Pump

Our Water Bottle Pump Features:

3 hours charging, strong battery life: USB secure charging socket

Child lock function, more secure: After the child lock function is activated, the pumping function is turned off

One-touch control:

  • Touch the key once to turn on the water:you can continue to dispense water, and then touch it once to shut down;
  • Touch the key twice to turn on the water automatically: about 600ml of water will be quantified;
  • Long touch the button for three seconds: activate the child lock function, and then touch it for 3 seconds to stop.

Easy four-step installation

1. Water pipe: stainless steel pipe is installed

2. Hose: bottom suction pipe is installed

3. Fixed on the water pipe: the pump is fixed on the bucket

4. Use: one tap out of water

Product Information:

Product name: Touch smart electric water pump

Product power: 5W Product color: gold, silver

Water pipe length: about 55cm Host length: 13.8cm

Product accessories: host, outlet pipe, inlet pipe, manual, charging cable

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