Waist Twisting - Twisting Disc

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Waist Twisting - Twisting Disc

Our waist twisting disc is designed with a massage bulge and magnetic pattern to provide a comfortable massage using experience on the lower part of your leg.

The waist twisting disc can effectively improve posture, stability, and also help reduce waist size. It can also be used for the treatment and prevention of twisting, which helps to maintain energy, harmony and health. A disc for twisting the waist will be very fun when it is combined with music.


Disc for twisting the waist with the annual pattern of the ring at the bottom, which is non-slip and stable. Reliable to use, no need to worry about the slip problem.
The waist twist disc is only 9.83 * 1.1 inches (D * H), compact and lightweight. It will not take up much storage space.
The waist twist disk is suitable for office, home, bedroom, dorm room and so on. 


 Size: 25 * 2.8 cm / 9.83 * 1.1 inches (L * H) 

Net Weight: 510 g / 17.99 ounces 


1 * Waist Twist Disc 

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