Voltage Tester Pen - Electric test pen

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Voltage Tester Pen - Electric test pen

This is our Voltage Tester Pen, is totally insulated, no exposed metal or conductive parts. Non-contact and pen shaped desigh, convenient to operate and carry.

Includes LED flashlight,convenient to use at night or dark environment. The Electric Test Pen has an auto shut-down mode if it is not detected within 5 minutes.

Ideal design for testing power cables, circuit breakers, wall sockets and so on. A perfect tool kit for home and electric industry uses.


How to use the Voltage Detector Pen:

1. Press the power button to start the tester.

2. Voltage alert: If AC voltage is detected, the buzzer will beep and LED light will flash. The higher the AC voltage, the higher the frequency of beeps and flashes.

3. Flashlight: The built-in light is useful in dim conditions and it turns off automatically after 5 minutes to conserve energy.

4. Auto power off: Voltage tester will automatically power off after 3 minutes of no AC voltage detection.

5. Low battery power indicator: When the battery is low, the power indicator lights will flash 3 times, the buzzer will beep one time, and the tester pen will power off.



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