Upgrade Expandable Faux Privacy Fence 2021 New, Grass Wall Panel Artificial Hedge

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Create privacy instantly in your yard while beautifying it.

Privacy is crucial, yet it can be challenging to obtain. Not every area can be renovated for hundreds of dollars to suit your needs. 

Our faux privacy fencing is a great answer to this issue. It is retractable and simple to install, allowing you to use it as needed and store it when not in use. Sun and rain are unimportant. We make our privacy fencing endure the elements.

Expandable faux privacy fencing is the ideal solution for adding privacy right away without compromising style or available area. Our extendable fencing can be used on patios, fences, balconies, porches, and other parts of your house where you'd like a little more seclusion. Anyone can install the expandable fence because it comes with all the necessary hardware and step-by-step instructions.


  • Amazingly realistic leaves are sprouting from the wall or basket. Not to be missed artificial English ivy vine hanging plants enable you to appreciate nature's beauty while saving space in your home.
  • The top artificial green vines on the fence are connected artificially, and the fence is made of willow wood. It makes your yard lush and vibrant and is incredibly realistic.
  • Wooden fences can be fastened using wire or ties after the stakes are pushed into the ground. To change the appearance of your garden, simply arrange them.
  • Closely spaced privacy fence leaves offer protection from direct sunlight while also allowing air to pass through the open net back.
  • The leaves are linked to the frame and are constructed of 100% PURE virgin non-recycled polyethylene. They are coated with commercial standard UV stabilization, which is the secret to staying green forever.
  • Unlike real ivy where rodents nest and infest, there is no upkeep, no watering, no trimming, and it is simple to clean with water. With gorgeous, well-proportioned.
  • This movable wooden barrier can be utilized for holiday festivities with green vines in parks, KTV bars, restaurants, shopping malls, and other public spaces.


  • Name: retractable fence
  • Material: The fence is a willow, and the artificial green vine is artificially tied up.


  • 1 x Upgrade Expandable Faux Privacy Fence 

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