Up to 8 Pads Muscle Stimulator Multi Power Supply

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You will no longer have to spend hundreds of dollars at the spa or beauty center to receive a good massage because we have launched this incredible and super functional muscle stimulator on the market in a special and limited offer!

This ab stimulator works through high and advanced digital technology with microelectronic production programs that synthesize seven high-energy biological electronic currents to directly affect the acupuncture points of the body surface giving you almost immediate relief. Our electric muscle stimulator gives you 8 different types of massages and 15 intensities to better adapt to your needs.

Say goodbye to annoying back, neck, shoulder pain, and more thanks to this muscle stimulator!


  • Portable.
  • Led screen.
  • 15 intensities.
  • Timing function.
  • 4 power modes.
  • You can place the massage pads anywhere on the body.
  • Easy to use.


  • Power: Batteries dc4.5v, 3aa (7 #).
  • Frequency: 1-330 Hz.
  • Power consumption: Less than 180mw
  • Battery life: During 45 continuous hours in normal operation.
  • Device size: 153mm x 70mm x 18mm.
  • Weight: 90g.

Package contains:
8 pcs X Electrode pads.
2pcs X Connection line.
1 X Charger.
1 X Manual.

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