Unisex Posture Corrector Brace - Breathable & Pain Relief

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Good posture is something you cant take for granted, being able to stand up tall and straight and radiate raw confidence is something everyone should be able to experience in a painless and simple manner.

What you are witnessing is a worldwide popular posture brace thats sole purpose is to hold your body in a natural straight form, overtime you will see permanent results. 

This posture corrector is made of soft and sustainable neoprene, these functions will allow a seamless experience where you can wear this under your clothing throughout your day.



  • UNISEX (MALE or FEMALE) -  Popularly used to overcome many different physical pains in the body such a back/shoulder/neck pains. Common physio terms that this posture corrector can assist with are osteoporosis, scoliosis, and shoulder collapse. Fixing these will allow you to enjoy a natural spine and leading in a more straight and uplifted posture and confidence.
  • All Around COMFORT-  One the highlight features of this posture corrector is it's breathable like material, being able to wear this posture corrector for hours is imperative as wearing it for long hours consistently will allow your spine to naturally realign. This is why we are proud to say it comfortably adjusts to the host's body type.


  • Easy To Use -  The brace is 100% adjustable, it just designed to fit it's host well therefore most of the time you will forget you are wearing it, this brace comes in 4 sizes.

  • Not Only Changes Your Posture But Changes YOU - Over time and consistent use you will feel your spine become realigned and that annoying feeling of constantly having to stand/sit up straight will disappear as it becomes natural to you. This posture corrector does more than just fix your posture it fixes how you portray yourself to people and your self image. Correct posture is psychologically proven to make you feel confident as it encourages high value behaviour.
  • Injury Recovery - When recovering from muscle injuries in the back,neck or shoulders having a posture corrector can help lighten the tension off those muscles while they are recovering. 


  • Small:  28 inch-32 inch ( 71cm-81cm) chest circumference.
  • Medium:  32 inch-36 inch (81cm-91cm) chest circumference.
  • Large:  36 inch-48inch (91cm-121cm) chest circumference.

Note:   If your chest size belongs between two sizes, please choose the smaller one. 

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Package Includes:

  • 1 x Posture Corrector Device (Unisex)




Q: Can I wear this under my jacket as I work outside?

A: Yes you can wear it under your jacket all day long as it is designed with breathable neoprene.

Q: Does it hurt wearing this?

A: No, it does not hurt, at first it may take a few hours to get used to it. The posture corrector brace is 100% adjustable.

Q: How do I wash this?

A: To maintain hygiene with this every other day wash it in cold water and let it dry, it is important you do not use a dryer too much as it may cause shrinkage to the pain relief posture corrector device.

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