Underwater LED Fishing Light - 12V Green LED Fishing Light

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Night fishing? Get the feeding cycle started quickly with our  Portable Underwater LED Fishing Light. This pre-weighted fishing light gets down and starts working immediately, with 180 LEDs arrayed in a 5-sided design to provide a full 360 lumens of light output.

Soft green light is proven to attract plankton, which draws in baitfish, which brings in crappies and other predators looking for an easy meal! Connects to any 12V battery via a 17'L waterproof cord with alligator clips. Light housing measures a compact 6-1/2"L for easy storage and is fully waterproof.

  • Essential for night fishing
  • A proven way to start the feeding cycle
  • Compact 6-1/2"L fixture with 180 green LEDs
  • Provides a full 360 lumens of light output
  • Pre-weighted to get down quickly
  • 17'L waterproof cord with 12V alligator clips
  • Fully waterproof construction

Suitable for both fresh and saltwater, the 12V Green LED Fishing Light features 180 LEDs and is designed to provide a full 360 degrees of light output. The light's brightness is set just right, so fish can easily spot the bait. It attracts all sorts of fish, including bass, trout, shad and also prawns, squid, etc.!

Every 12V Green LED Fishing Light is completely waterproof and submersible. It works well with small fishing nets, for sea fishing, cage fishing, and light cover nets. It also includes a built-in weight; no need to worry about it floating! Every 12V Green LED Fishing Light also comes with a battery clip and is easy to connect to power. 



 Suitable for both fresh and saltwater
 180 bright LEDs: provides a full 360 degrees of light output
 Versatile: use it with small fishing nets, for sea fishing, cage fishing, etc.
 Attracts all sorts of fish: bass, trout, shad, etc.
 Easy to connect to power


Package Includes:

  • 1 x 12V Green LED Fishing Light
  • 2 x Pliers

Technical Specifications:

  • Light color: green
  • Power: 10 Watts
  • Input Voltage: DC 12V
  • Input Current: <1 Amp
  • Wire Length: 16.4' (5m)
  • Light emitted: 1900-2000 lumens
  • Length: approximately 7.87'' (200mm)

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