Thermochromic hair dye, Thermo Sensing Color Changing Dye Hair

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Having Hair changing color with temperature, is not impossible any more.
Thermochromic hair dye, is the Magic solution to have multiple looks in a day 
It's For Men and Women 
It is a new dye based on thermochromics ink makes hair change color with fluctuations in temperature.

Doesn’t just switch from one color to a single different one, but it repeatedly transitions into a multitude of shades according to the environment.

Thermochromic Color Changing Wonder Mermaid Hair Gray Hair Color Cream Thermo Sensing Shade Shifting Hair Color Wax
Dramatic Vivid Iridescence:  No more mediocrity! It brings you with a variety of vibrant shades depends on your surrounding temperatures! Enjoy an infinite range of shades!
Thermochromic hair dye, Thermo Sensing Color Changing Dye Hair

How to use: 

  1. Make sure your hair is thoroughly dry before application. 
  2. Apply the Wonder Dye to the desired area of your hair. 
  3. Dry the Wonder Dye either by air-dry or blow-drying. 
  4. Enjoy a whole day of gorgeous color-changing shades! 
Thermochromic Color Changing Wonder Dye Mermaid Hair Dye Gray Hair Color Cream Thermo Sensing Shade Shifting Hair Color Wax



  • The dye has a temperature-sensitive discoloration effect to suit your unique personality.
  • When the temperature exceeds 18°c, the color will change with a variety of bright tones.
  • The magical dye is made of natural ingredients such as Brazil's Argan oil and keratin extract, and provides care and care to your hair with wonderful shades! Coloring treatment is pampered! No more harmful coloring process.
  • Just apply the marvelous dye to the desired hair area and wait for it to dry or dry the dye to be full of vitality all day long and change the miracle of the shade.
  thermochromic hair dye


  • Capacity: 50ml
  • Shades Variety: Purple to Magenta, Blue to Pink, Green to Yellow, Black to Silver
  • Disclaimer: Final shades might vary depends on individuals. For thicker, longer hairs, it's recommended to use more product to achieve better results. 

Package Included:

  • 1 x Thermochromic hair dye

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