Tens Unit Muscle Stimulator - Electrostimulation

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Tens Unit Muscle Stimulator - Electrostimulation

This Tens Unit Muscle Stimulator is Easy to Use. It has a large LCD Touch Screen with Backlits and Touch Pen. Our Electrostimulation has a convenient viewing in the dark with a large viewing screen. Simplified user operation with a touch pen. No need to press the mini button again and again to select the mode you want. Just adjust the mode with touch pen or your finger.

So easy! Multi-functional Tens Massager with 28 Preprogrammed Massage Modes for Pain and Muscle Relief. TENS unit could help reduce pain and muscle spasms caused by a wide range of conditions including: arthritis, period pain, knee pain, neck pain, back pain, sports injuries. It's also used as a method of pain relief during labor. Tens muscle stimulator is a powerful weapon in your fight against chronic pain. Fully Isolated Dual Channels with Independent 28 Modes, 20 level Intensity and Time Control.

You can operate it like two separate machines at once. Built in Powerful Rechargeable Lithium Battery-- up to 10 Hours of Continuous Use. It can be connected to wall charger, power bank or laptop USB port to charge. Don't worries about treatment interruption for dead AA batteries any more. With battery level indicator remind you charge timely.

What pains does TENS relax?

♦ Most commonly used for musculoskeletal pain Neck Pain Shoulder Pain Back Pain Elbow Pain Hand Pain Knee Joint Arthritis Leg Pain ♦ Other less common use Period Pains Sports Injuries

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