swimming bag waterproof swimming bag

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Our waterproof swimming bag is a backpack specially designed to carry all of your swimming gear. This bag includes a unique strap that fits over the shoulder, as well as a water channel to ensure that this bag is 100% waterproof.

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Material Swimming Bag: polyester, pvc

Large Capacities:

  • 2L(none strap):tile size: 15*30cm,95g
  • 5L(single shoulder strap):tile size: 19*40cm, weight: 210g
  • 10L(single shoulder strap):tile size: 19*55cm, weight: 270g
  • 15L(single shoulder strap):tile size: 23.5*55cm, weight: 310g
  • 20L(double shoulder strap):tile size: 23.5*60cm, weight: 360g
  • 30L(double shoulder strap):tile size: 23.5*65cm, weight: 470g

Waterproof Pouch a Waterproof Swimming Bag is made of durable mesh fabric so it not only looks great but is lightweight, protecting your young swimmers belongings from the elements. 

swimming bag waterproof , swimming bag

The bag for swimming is waterproof. It does not let water and sand through. Perfect for triathlons, swimming laps, surfing, and other activities in the water.

swimming bag waterproof swimming bag

This unique watertight bag is ideal for carrying your swimming gear to the pool or beach.

swimming bag waterproof , swimming bag

Swimming Bag size :

swimming bag waterproof swimming bag

How to use waterproof swimming bag :

swimming bag waterproof swimming bag

Package Included:

  • 1 x Swimming Bag Waterproof (2L, 5L, 10L, 15L, 20L, 30L)

swimming bag waterproof swimming bag

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