Super Maze Games Huarong Road 500+ Levelled Puzzles Toys

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1. Puzzle Games :Super Maze is an interactive game console for sliding puzzles,Solve the puzzle on the LED by sliding the blocks, and the goal is to move the big red block to the bottom center area of board, With invigorative game sound and rich game modes, it brings you unprecedented fun to solve problems!

2. Cultivate brain Thinking: There are more than 500+ different puzzles that challenge your limits. and the difficulty is progressive. The players can improve their spatial reasoning and logical thinking skills,Hone your skills every day and you will see progress and get better!

3. Learn Mode and Challenge Mode :Stuck in the game? Get clues from the learning mode, teaching you how to play step by step. Choose the challenge mode to test yourself with time-limited challenges, break yourself and reduce time,Or you can PK with your friend in challenge mode.

4. Great gift : Awesome intelligence game console for kids and a fidget toy for adults,Each block has weak mаgnеtism, Maths concept and retro handheld game boy design, support 60 hours game playing, travel-friendly and a great gift for kids and puzzle players.


  • Main material: ABS
  • Size: 13*18*2.5CM
  • Battery: 2*AA battery
  • Format: 4*5 plate
  • Package Included: Board*1, red piece*1, blue piece*5, yellow piece*13, digital sticker*13

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