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Create a dreamy romantic ambiance whenever you want with our sunset lamp projector 

You're probably wondering where can you get the sunset lamp that you've seen on Instagram and Tik Tok, and now you've come to the perfect spot!

The Sunset Projector Lamp is the hottest lighting trend for 2021, and it will generate a beautiful sunset light that will make you look fantastic on camera! Instantly transform any room with breath-taking sunset lighting and set the aesthetic mood.

Are you attempting to gain more followers? Get this fantastic  Sunset Projector Lamp and start capturing stunning photographs with this sunset background to share on social media! Impress your fans and demonstrate your sense of style.



✅  Soothing Colored Lights
✅  USB Connection With Light Switch
✅  Adjustable Rotation 

✅  High-Quality Built-In Material
✅  Suitable for Usage in Any Environment
✅  Compliments All Types of Rooms




It's never been easier to improve the style of your room. Simply plug the  Sunset Projector Lamp  in, switch it on, and relax while watching a sunset from a corner of your room. With this projector lamp, a warm and romantic atmosphere can be created easily. Enjoy a wonderful weekend with your loved one while watching this spectacular sunset lightening.

Sunset Projector Lamps were created to look excellent in a variety of settings, so you can be sure it would look wonderful in yours as well! You may pick between two color schemes on our   Sunset Projector Lamp to fit your desired lighting.


  • Soothing Colored Lights  - The colors released by the sunset light are gentle and glare-free, making it ideal for us to use as a night lamp.

  • USB Connection With Light Switch  - A USB connection cable with a light switch is useful for bedroom lighting and may also be used to take photographs.

  • Adjustable Rotation  - The   Sunset Projector Lamp head can be rotated 180 degrees to generate light from various angles and shapes, giving your space a variety of looks.

  • High Quality  -   Sunset Projector Lamp is made of high-quality Alloy, which ensures a solid base that does not overheat and saves energy all night.

  • Suitable in Any Environment  Suitable for creating a fantastic ambiance in children's bedrooms, gatherings, outdoor BBQs, and living rooms.

  • Compliments All Types of Rooms - It is intended to look well in a variety of settings, so you can be certain that no matter how large your room is, it will still get you a beautiful sunset view.


Choose from  2 color styles to match your ideal lighting choice.

I. Sunset World     |     II. Violet Galaxy

The MPG Sunset Projector Lamp is made in a socially and environmentally responsible method from high-quality and long-lasting materials. It will certainly exceed your expectations, whether it is for a romantic atmosphere in your bedroom or a distinctive ceiling glow for you to watch.



Product Specifications

 Height: 8.84 inches
 Base diameter: 3.69 inches
 Bulb diameter: 3.14 inches
 The bulb can rotate 180 degrees
 Powered by USB (Cable Included)

Package Includes

 1 x  Sunset Projector Lamp
 1 x Micro USB Cable

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