Square Tray - Seed-Sowing Template & Seedling Spacer Tool

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Square Tray Seed-Sowing Template Gardening Seed and Seedling Spacer Tool With Funnel Description

Seeding Square, the square-foot seeding template helps you maximize growth in a limited space. The concept is inspired by the popular seed gardening method: Square Foot Gardening, whereby seeds are sown in specific positions within a square foot, allowing enough room for each to grow to optimal maturity without wasting space.

Easy to use! the template shows correct seed spacing with color-coded holes matched to a planting chart of 46 types of vegetables, allowing you to quickly know where to drop seed (or seedlings). A graduated dibber (dibbler) with depth markings removes the guesswork out of setting the right planting depth.

The dibber also functions as a seed spoon, which can be used with the included funnel to deposit tiny seeds accurately, When finished seeding a square foot section, the impressions left in the soil allow you to line up the template for the next square foot, thus letting you use it to plant your entire garden. Each square foot is planted with a single type of gardening vegetable seed and harvested when ready. The Seeding Square tray allows for ease of replanting and crop rotation for those looking to increase their yield even further!                  

Package Includes:

1x Square Tray - Seed-Sowing Template & Seedling Spacer Tool

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