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It's time to light up your garden and transform it into an atmosphere of your own imagination, whether it's your patio, a walkway or even your front yard, these Solar Ground Lights allow you to turn your home into a piece of art. Stay care-free with its IP65 waterproof capabilities leaving your solar lights doing what they do best even in rainy conditions!

Features & details

  • [Higher Solar Energy Efficiency] Packed with a built-in battery of 800mAH, both these solar lights whether it's the Clear or Warm white, provide a whole night's 8 hours of usage after being fully daytime charged through solar energy, these ground lights were made for pure efficiency & aesthetics. 
  • [Automatic Charging & Lighting] These solar lights are run on solar power and do not require electricity, during the day the disk lights are automatically charged by the sun rays & when night time occurs the solar lights will beam brightly as they would have been fully charged.
  • [IP65 Waterproof for Outdoor Usage] Designed with reliable IP65 waterproof  grading these solar ground lights will be perfectly fine through the most wettest of conditions. Perfectly ideal for outdoor use such as garden, front yard, grass, walkway and pathway.
  • [6000K Clear White Super Bright] 6000 Kelvin of pure Clear White, this colour temperature gives you both a blend of a gorgeous bright light & something that isn't too strong on the eyes. A true representation of what solar energy can do.
  • [3000K Warm White Super Bright] The colour temperature of this solar light is 3000 Kelvin of Warm White, this is more of a unique yellowish colour, something more relaxed and less flashy, something that really sets the mood. Just like the Clear White it's easy on the eyes & IP65 waterproof.

**Note: There are 4 LED lights built in each solar lamp, each option contains 8 solar lamps.

How To Use
  • Allow 6-8 hours of sunlight charging before first use (make sure the sun can target it easily and there is nothing covering the ground lamp
  • Make sure the switch is on.
  • Before pressing the solar lights into the floor, make sure the floor can easily fit the solar lights, for example if you are installing them in grass make sure there is a big enough hole & clear pathway dug into the ground.

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  • Colour Temperature: 3000K Warm White/Clear White
  • Charging Time: 6-8 hours by solar energy like sun light- Automatic charging!
  • Lasting Time: 6-8 hours 
  • Waterproof Level: IP65
  • Solar Panel: 2V 130mA
  • Material: 304 stainless steel and plastic
  • Package Includes: 8x Solar lamps & 16 spikes (1 spare spike for each lamp)

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