Smartwatch for Kids - Kids Phone Watch

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Smartwatch for Kids - Kids Phone Watch

Kids these days manage high tech products that we couldn't imagine when we were young. And that is a normal thing nowadays. Your child probably wants to try the newest things. But if you are concern about how much care he or she will have on it. Then we recommend you first get this amazing Smartwatch for kids!  

The best smartwatch for kids in the whole world!

With this Smartwatch for kids, they can learn to tell time; it's waterproof, splash, and sweatproof. With high precision components, swimming and bathing are no things to be worried about! Now you don't have to worry about buying your kids some expensive smartwatch that will easily break. This smartwatch is simply amazing! IT resist almost anything, while it still is a lightweight, comfortable, and colorful product your kids are going to love!

Great Battery

The Kids Phone Watch has a high-performance battery, longer standby time. With high polymerized costume battery, charging faster performance, a longer time than the same power, eliminating the trouble of charging every day.

Stay in touch with your children

Kids tend to run and go outside on adventures, they love to discover new things. And they usually don't understand the danger that comes going outside on their own. But with this smartwatch for kids, that won't be a concern!

this product comes with Precise positioning. So you have real-time viewing, accurate record of every corner your child visits. Fully meet the positioning needs of life and emergency situations.

With a two way clear and stable call, the sound is louder and can be heard in noisy environments! Also, a more convenient voice chatting. The watch is very beautiful and the material is great and soft! Excellent for your kids! They will love it as much as you.

Unique product

This Smartwatch for kids is a unique product. There is no other product like this in the market, competitors products tend to have less battery power and don't resist smashes, scratches, and water like this original product does! Besides that! Now thanks to this product's special sales price, you can have the best smartwatch for kids at a price never seen before! 

Smartwatch for Kids Smartwatch for Kids Smartwatch for Kids Smartwatch for Kids 


  • APP system requirements: Android 4.0 system or more, IOS 8.0 or above
  • SIM card: supported,2GSIMcard,85090018001900
  • Small flashlight for viewing in dark places
  • SOS button for emergencies
  • Built-in camera
  • Learning games for kids to play
  • Remote monitoring for keeping a safe watch on your children
  • Built-in microphone for two-way communication
  • Parents can customize a security range that alerts when the watch is moved beyond that location
  • Enable/disable functions according to time
  • Trace replay can track movement for up to 30 days
  • Strangers cannot call the watch
  • Alarm clock reminders
  • Friends function allows pairing and voice chat with friends
  • Low power warning
  • Remote power off

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1x Smartwatch for Kids - Kids Phone Watch

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