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This pocket-size device allows you to communicate to almost anyone on the planet in their own language without even learning a word!

Until now, this portable language translator was only used by world leaders, but as of today, it's finally available to anyone! The best part?

Now everyone can afford to communicate in multiple languages without spending hundreds on language courses.

This translator is a simple yet life-changing Japanese invention that helps you to overcome any obstacles caused by foreign languages, whether you're in a business meeting with an international l client or chilling somewhere on a Spanish beach.

This small but ingenious device is able to instantly recognize and translate over 40 different languages, making intercultural communication completely effortless!

With this gadget, you are able to communicate with almost anyone in the world in seconds!

 Image 2 - 44 Multi-Languages Smart Instant Voice Translator Bluetooth Pocket for Business


Photo Translation

With an upgraded design, this voice translator can now translate sentences written on photographs.

Just use the app and open the camera to focus on the picture with the text and the translator will accurately translate the text for you.


Text Input Translation

This instant universal translator will immediately give you results if you receive a text message in a different language.

You can simply copy the text and paste it on the app to get the translated version in the choice of your language.


Intelligent Noise Reduction

It features a highly sensitive noise-reducing microphone that eliminates noise in a loud noisy place and accurately detects a voice to translate the language for you.


Bluetooth Connection

You can easily connect this device to your mobile phones via Bluetooth. It allows wireless transmission distance of up to 10 meters and a voices recognition distance of two meters.


Lightweight and Compact

It is called a pocket translator for a reason. It is extremely lightweight and compact which will fit right in your pocket, making it easy to carry anywhere you go.



     Color: Black, Gray
     Material: tempered glass + zinc alloy
     Bluetooth: 4.2 version
     Optical Resolution: 1200dpi
     Wireless Transmission Distance: 10m
     Voice Recognition Distance: 2m
     Battery: 3.7V 600mA Rechargeable Battery
     Size: Approx. 11.5 * 3.5 * 1.2cm
     Package Weight: 130g

    Package includes

     1 x User Manual 
     1 x Language Translator
     1 x USB Cable 

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