Self Leveling Laser - 4d Laser Level

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Self Leveling Laser - 4d Laser Level

This Self Leveling Laser can rotate through a full 360 degrees to cover floor, ceiling, and all walls of a room at the same time. Laser lines intersect at 90 degrees to provide completely square angles on all surfaces. Each line can be displayed independently for a custom full room layout. The self-leveling feature ensures a level line display throughout the entire desired layout.

The unit is waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof. The surface material has high grip sensitivity and the ergonomically designed ribbed grip handle provides for stable and comfortable operation. The professional coating over the laser projectors provides clear light transmission while reducing reflections.



A: What is the line width of this laser level?

2 mm

B: Does this green laser level have a battery? What is the battery capacity?

The product contains a lithium battery with a capacity of 2400ma

C:Can this 4D green laser level be used with a tripod?

4D spirit level needs to be connected to the base accessory and placed on a tripod

D:What should I do if I did not receive the product or found quality issues after receiving it?

Please contact the seller, the seller will solve the problem for you

E:Are there any additional discounts when I buy a laser level?

Please contact the merchant for additional discounts


1. Doors and Windows installation

2. Laid flour

3. Woodworking decoration

4. The stairs to install

5. The counter laid

6.Hangact the installation

7. Bricklayer majoringin

8. The floor tile

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