Scented Candel In Glass Jar

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Scent: Anti Tobacco
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Give all your spaces a unique look and smell thanks to this new collection of candles that we bring in a special offer! Light a candel and transport yourself to an atmosphere of absolute relaxation!

These beautiful and functional candles will not only illuminate any room, but they also have a long-lasting fragrance that will permeate the entire environment for hours, and thanks to the two wicks, the candel flame is more intense. You can choose from the wide variety of scents that we offer such as lavender, vanilla, and roses, which will transport you to incredible places or moments. In addition, it has an elegant and modern design, so you can place it as part of the decoration of your home.

Do not hesitate and take home this amazing product! Unlike others on the market, you can get ours at the best price!


  • Available in different fragrances.
  • They serve as decoration.
  • Long-lasting smell.
  • It has two wicks.
  • More intense flame.
  • It has 3 layers.


  • Approximate weight: 170 g
  • Approximate size: 8.0 x 8.0 x 8.0 cm.
  • Burning time: up to 32 hours approx.

Package contains:
1x candle.

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