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You have a two-story home or live on the 15th floor of an apartment building and have to clean your windows?

Most people hate cleaning windows but with the Smart Window Cleaning Robot that can be controlled manually and electronically by remote, cleaning windows has never been easier.

Traditional cleaning is hard, hassle, and dangerous especially in areas that hard-to-reach. The Smart  Cleaning Robot is the perfect solution for your dirty windows, tiles, ceiling, and hard-to-reach areas that need to be clean.

Benefits & Feature

  • Smart Hands-Free Cleaning Robot : Advanced AI system is adopted for a more smart, effortless but efficient cleaning way; built-in smart navigation system that auto-detects window frames and obstacles. The window cleaner uses suction technology to attach to your window. Our washable microfiber pads thoroughly scrub windows, allowing for a deep and sparkling clean.

  • UPS Anti-Fall Protection : UPS system offers enough suction (5600pa) to adhere tightly to upright windows for 30 minutes when the power is interrupted; a high tensile-strength safety cord prevents damage in case of power loss or suction failure. You don’t have to climb ladders or put yourself at risk, you can clean your windows right from your couch.

  • 3 Auto Cleaning Modes : 3 optimized and pre-programmed cleaning routes for better lifting superficial dirt and debris from the glass, as well as thoroughly wiping away smudges or grimy residues. Smart AI-powered design will get your windows clean quickly and efficiently. The detects edges and uses its advanced algorithm to scrub every part of your window, reaching the areas that you couldn’t.

  • One-Push Operation : Just push down to the switch-on button to power on this Finether window cleaning robot; if like, you can select its cleaning routes via the remote control included. The comes along with full access app, allowing you to quickly and simply tailor the controls to fit your home.

  • Multiple Applications : Perfect for different types of glass, from framed windows to colored and tinted windows and also for doors, mirrors, desks, tiled walls, and more.



1. Wait 20 seconds after starting up until the blue light stop flashing,Then start working. Because the robot need 20sec to detect the glass plane.


2. Binding the safety rope when using, Prevent falling from high altitude.




1.Adapter *1


2.Extension cord *1


3.power AC line *1 rope*1


5.spray bottle *1


6.battery *1


7.remote control *1


8.wipe cloth *12


Remote Control Magnetic Electric Window Cleaner Robot Vacuum Cleaner High Tall Window Washing Glass Window Cleaning Robot



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