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Enjoy the air purifying and stress relieving properties of our Himalayan Salt with this Kirkton House Himalayan Salt Lamp. Hand sculpted from pink Himalayan Rock Salt, this uniquely designed lamp with an elegant wooden base constantly emits negative ions, counteracting allergens and pollutants in the air to give you a feeling of relaxation you truly deserve. The improved air quality and natural glow of this lamp also helps to promote relaxation and improve overall sleep quality whilst looking stylish in your room at the same time.


PURE HIMALAYAN SALT: 100% Authentic Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp Night Light Natural Shaped imported from Pakistan, hand-mined in the Himalayan mountains. Each salt lamp is a piece of a natural rock formation and is unique in pattern, colour, shape and weight. The salt rock provides you with Natural pink light for the bedroom, loaded with powerful minerals and free from toxins, our Himalayan salt lamp is safe to use in the nursery and with kids.

HEALTH BENEFITS: Natural Salt rock Lights Emits negative ions when heated by the bulb, Which Purifies air, improves breathing, negate electro-smog, reduces allergy and asthma symptoms, improve health ability, increase the flow of oxygen to the brain, sleep better & wake refreshed. Creates a welcoming ambience to relieve your stress. Natural Pink Salt lamps Provide you with romantic Pink room Lights and a warm atmosphere and make you feel peaceful. It does have a profound effect on your health.

MULTIFUNCTIONAL: The Himalayan crystal rock lamp with its beautiful amber night lights brings divine harmony to bedroom decorations, Home decor, home Hallway, Natural Air Purifier, night lights for adults, stylish decoration lamps for bedrooms & best night lights for bedroom, Lamps for living room, kitchen lighting, night light for kids, office, coffee shop, book store, bar, or yoga space and so on.


✔️ Science can’t fully determine the health benefits of the Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt.
But that this natural crystal salt mini lamp will be just great for your life, home, or office, there’s no doubt at all.
✔️ That’s because its Himalayan crystal salt rock placed above an elegant plastic holder, gives the ambient a warm, pinkish amber glow, creating an awesome effect.
✔️ As soon as the light bulb warms it up, the particles are trapped into the salt crystal lamp, evaporating back into the air after a while.
✔️ This Himalayan salt lamp claims to help you to get rid of tiny dust particles, reduce pet dander, and avoid mould and mildew.
✔️ Besides all its benefits, the Himalayan Mini Crystal Salt Lamp is also a great tool of elegance and calmness to any living room, office, or even clinics, yoga studios, or pilates classes.


  • 1-Pack: Hakol Himalayan Mini Crystal Salt Night Lights


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