Raven Light Lamp - Nordic Raven Brow Bird Lamp

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Grab your Nordic Crow Bird Lamp.

This adorable and fashionable feathered friend can brighten up your interior space. Perfect for bookshelves, nightstands, and coffee tables.

The Raven Light adds playfulness to any modern home. Forget about the boring pendant lights. This little bird emits warm and cozy light and is stylish like no other!

Amaze your guests and showcase your great taste, invite them into your classy, fairy tale world. 

This Crow Bird Lamp is a striking, distinctive, and unique wall lamp that will add a charming twist to your current lighting collection!

The Birds hold its prized LED bulbs in are unique and fashionable design.
Perfect for your bedroom, bedside, wall, living room, corridor, etc.!

Wall-mounted or desktop design optional, easy to use, easy to install.
Crafted from Resin this fun wall lamp is sure to be a conversation starter!


  • Size: 30cm / 12" in body length, 15cm / 6" in width and height
  • Wattage: 90-260V
  • Base: G45 / E12 light bulb
  • Plug type: US

Package Includes

  • 1 x Raven Light Lamp
  • 1 x E12 Light Bulb


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