Privacy Window One Way Film

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Privacy is one of the hardest things to maintain today. The internet is extremely helpful, but it has also reduced our personal privacy. Nowadays everyone has a camera on their cellphone, internet-connected security cameras are everywhere. If you don't feel secure, even at your house. Then, you will love these privacy window film, so you can transform your window's glasses into one-way windows. So you can see out not in!

Privacy Window One Way Film 

With this window film you can protect your privacy. Keep those curious neighbors and streetwalkers away from your house! This film is perfect! because you can see out, but no one will see in! And the best part is that you don't have to buy new expensive special windows, you can just cover your regular windows' glasses with this film!  

Not only that, but this film also protects your house, your loved ones, and everyone inside from those harmful UV sun lights. Which causes skin affections, sunburns, and even skin cancer! 

The best part is that using this film will immediately keep your house colder and fresh. As the heat from the sun won't get past your windows! So it is perfect for those hot summers

So? What are you waiting for?  Go ahead and give it a try! You can have all those great benefits and change your home as easy as to glue some film into your windows. We highly recommend it!  

Product Specifications:

Color: Blue, Black, Silver, Gray, Green
Technology: Multilayer metal sputtering
Thickness: 2mm
Maintenance: Wipe
Material: PET


Package contains: 

1x Privacy Window One Way Film


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