Premium-Leather Steering Wheel Covers, Red

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If you love your car, then you probably know that the constant use of the steering wheel with our hands causes the foam or leather to wear, peel and damage. Which is one thing that none of us want! Either if you have a new car or your old car already has this peeled and damaged steering wheel. Then you absolutely need this red steering wheel cover!

Keep your car as better as new

Protect your car with this product. Thanks to this leather red steering wheel cover you will improve the design and interior of your car! one never knows how important it is the steering wheel for a car's look until you see it all damaged and ugly. But you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars on reparations or maintenance! You can prevent this from happening just by using this red steering wheel cover.

Made with high-quality carbon fiber leather. and with great workmanship. This red steering wheel cover is perfect for almost every car. It suits perfectly on both round and D-shaped steering wheels. With its 38cm of diameter, you can be sure it will fit perfectly on your car's steering wheel. Not only that, but you will feel extremely comfortable when using it, as it has anti-slip bars for a better handle, grip, and control. 

So, there you go! You won't regret buying this steering wheel cover for your car! Make it feel like a race car. We know a car can be useful, but it also can be really sexy when properly taken care of.

Product Specifications: 

  • Material: Carbon fiber leather
  • Color: Black & Red (As Pictures Show)
  • Size: 38 cm

Package contains: 

1x Premium-Leather Steering Wheel Covers, Red


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