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Our 12V Car Heater not only helps keep your car warm and cozy during the cold winter months, but it also helps defrost your windshield and windows when there's ice covering them!

You'll have an improved, clear view in no time! And for the hot summer months, it also doubles as a cooler! Quickly cool down your hot car with its built-in cooling function!

Why our Car Heater?

Within 30 seconds, you can heat the atmosphere of your car without having to wait for the engine to warm. warm your winter, so you can safely and comfortably get on the road and get to your destination.

  • Heating and cooling function
  • Built-in fuse, power-off protection, and anti-voltage
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Great fight for family and friends
  • 100% safe and quick to use 
  • It can be rotated 180° for free adjustments
  • Quickly heats the air or used as a fan to cool you in the summer



It can quickly be heated within one minute, efficient heat dissipation design, keep you warm all the time. If you’re delayed in a traffic incident, you can also stay warm without running the engine.



This car heater can quickly heat the air without having to wait for your engine to warm up. It uses your car’s cigarette lighter socket and allows you to defrost or de-mist your windows quickly and efficiently, so you can safely and comfortably get on the road and get to your destination.



Plug the heater into your cigarette lighter socket and switch to heat or fan (make sure your car has a 12V lighter port). It comes with a 360-degree rotary holder which can be used for easy adjustment. It can be fixed on the anti-skid pad or fixed with double-sided adhesive.



Made with ABS material, with its great design and quality cable, there are no fragile parts. Built-in fuse, automatic power failure protection.


  • The 12v heater will defrost your windshield and prevent blurred vision by producing a better line of sight. 
  • Low power consumption 
  • Made of high-quality Abs plastic
  • Easy to use
  • With air purification, purify the air inside the car
  • Useful for speeding up demisting and defrosting
  • 360° Rotating holder, adjust to your ideal angle
  • Easy to use, just plug it into your cigarette lighter socket to remove frost from the windshield
  • Circuit made of lengthened and strong copper cable, heats efficiently, no harm to a car battery or car circuit
  • Available throughout the Year: adjustable wind mode. This car fan has two winds. You can use fan mode in the summer and heat in the winter. Available all year round


Customer Review

 So it is very simple to use and gives a nice amount of air to help me clear my windows faster from the condensation and then keep the car warmer on these frosty mornings."  Travis  W.


 Material: ABS
 Dimensions: 4.72''(12cm) x 3.94''(10cm) x 2.83''(7.2cm)
 Color: black
 Voltage: 12V
 Power: 500W

Package Includes

 1 x 12V Car Heater

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