Portable Air Conditioning Air Cooler and Fan W/ Remote Control + 2 Ice Packs

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Portable Air Conditioning Cooler and Fan W/ Remote Control + 2 Ice Packs

Our 80W Evaporative Portable Air Cooler features 4L capacity water tank and 2 ice packs to give great cooling and humidifying performance; designed with auto left-right swing in 120° and manual up-down swing to evenly spread cool air to the space, perfect for any room.  

With 3 wind speed settings for you to adjust the cool air blowing effect based on your need, flexibly controls the temperatures to prevent getting cold while you were sleeping or offers quick cooling in hot days. 

Portable air conditioning features:

Portable Air Cooling. This tiny air cooler is the perfect way to stay cool when space is at a premium. Its compact size delivers a powerful, refreshing breeze to chill you out when you need it most. It’s perfect for small stuffy offices, kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms as you can wheel it around anywhere you like. 

Humidifier: The air cooler acts as a  humidifier by forcing moisture into your indoor air in the form of an invisible mist. Different types of humidifiers may have different ways of doing this. It uses an internal fan to pull air into the unit and pass it across a water-saturated filter to absorb moisture which it turn can reduce the risk of catching diseases and help moisturise your skin and hair. It can also help you sleep as it’ll stop you from getting a dry throat in the night. 

Packed with Features: You can make the most out of your air cooler thanks to its array of handy features. These features include three-speed settings, three fan modes, extra cooling mode, timer, and an oscillation function to help you get your room temperature just the way you like it!

Ioniser: One big benefit of negative ions is that they purify the air by clinging to pollen, dirt, and other bits of pollution. This makes these tiny particles heavy, so they stick to the floor and other surfaces. It’ll help reduce the spread of bacteria and disease, too! In addition, they’re proven to boost your mood and improve concentration. All of this is good news whether you’re at home or at work as they keep you happy, relaxed, and focused. This air coolers contain an ioniser which adds these refreshing ions to the air, meaning you can feel the benefit every time you switch it on!

Remote Control: You can adjust the settings of your air cooler without leaving your seat! Just use the simple remote control to control the timer, fan mode, and more. If you prefer, you can also control the air cooler using the on-board control panel.

Running Cost: This air cooler only uses 80W of power. This means you can usually run them for around 1.5p per hour!

Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions: Height 57cm x Width 27cm x Depth 25cm
  • Power: 80W with UK plug ONLY
  • Voltage: 240V/50Hz
  • Water Tank Capacity: 4L
  • Wind Circulation: 138CFM
  • Air Flow: 270m³/hour
  • Three Fan Modes: Normal/Natural/Sleep
  • Timer: 0-4 hours
  • Three Air Speeds (H/M/L): 3.66m/s, 5.56m/s, 6.37m/s
  • Weight: 4.5 kg (12 Lbs)

Package Contains:

1x Air Cooler
2x Ice Packs
1x Remote Control
1x Manual


We have high demand for orders due to the heat wave, for that reason you will be able to receive any of the published models.

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