Portable 12V Electric Outdoor Handheld Shower with Pump - Compact Camping Showerhead

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A portable 12V outdoor shower converts water from your bucket into a stable shower, allowing you to enjoy a comfortable shower outside.  


  • Electric pump with on/off switch. 
  • For use with a 12V vehicle power socket. 
  • Equipped with shower head holder, suction cup, and hook for hanging. 
  • Compact and portable size and storage bag for easy carry and storage. 
  • Suitable for self-driving outdoor camping shower, temporary bathing, car washing, flowering, garden plants watering, pet cleaning, etc.  


 Material: Plastic; 
 Color: Orange / Blue (Optional); 
 Hose length: Approx. 2m/6.5ft; 
 Cable length: Approx.4m/13.1ft; 
 Current: 3A; 
 Voltage: DC12V; 
 Water flow:5L/min; 
 Water Temperature: no more than 60℃; 
 Package weight: Approx. 760g/26.8oz; 
 Package size: 25*16*10cm/9.8*6.3*3.9in;  

Package List

  • 1 x Shower Head; 
  • 1 x Hose; 
  • 1 x Pump with Power Coard; 
  • 1 x Suction Cup; 
  • 1 x Hook; 
  • 1 x Head Holder; 
  • 2 x Rubber Ring; 
  • 1 x Storage Bag;  

1. Never use hot water(should not exceed 60℃), gasoline, or gas. 
2. Keep away from fire when using. 
3. Make sure that all are in good connection for the shower head, pump, and hose. 
4. Please install the rubber rings on the showerhead to avoid leakage. 
5. The pump can not be directly placed in seawater, pool, river use. 
6. The power switch cannot be placed in the water. Please put it outside and turn on the power switch matters needing attention. 
7. During the trial period, the pump can not leave the water surface. If left, you must turn off the power, then restart. 
8. Please drain the water remaining in the water pump and the hose after use.  

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