Outdoor Misting Cooling System

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If you have a great garden, yard, or patio and you want to always keep it fresh and watered. Then this is a great option for you. This misting system will create an artificial mist, with a low-pressure design for release a comfortable and enjoyable spray of water to refresh your yard, pool, your patio chairs. Not just that, but this product is also great for installing an automatic watering system for your lawn or flowers. 

Why you need a misting system

Misting systems are designed for spraying low-pressure water to refresh the persons in the affected area. Perfect for those summer days where the heat is terrible and is almost unbearable to stay outside. 

And this misting system is not just ideal and original. But is also made with the highest quality materials, perfect for any occasion. The rubber hose is long-lasting, weather resistant. It can easily handle the sun's UV lights and the coldest winters. As this product is made to last! And above that, the sprays are not plastic but brass and stainless steel. Which gives the spraying a better, comfortable, and enjoyable feeling. You definitely have to try this! 

Easy to assemble, you just need to install it to a reliable water source. Cut the rubber hose as much as you need and install it with their convenient and comfortable hooks  

Perfect for having extra fun around the pool. 

You just need to install it around your pool's edge and you will have a constant mist over your pool, which will make you feel as if you were on some kind of water park! We recommend this as kids of all ages love it! 


Product Specifications:

  • Material:Polyethylene + Plastic + Brass + Stainless Steel
  • Size: 6 m
  • Color: Black

Package contains: 

6M Fabricated Misting Line
6 x Brass with Stainless Nozzles
10 x Cable Ties
10 x Saddle Clamps
1 x Internal Thread Tap Connector
1 x Sher and plug


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