Orthopedic Bunion Brace

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Hallux Valgus must be treated with extreme importance! Consider all your options before you commit to drastic action like surgery! Your feet will thank you!

When your big toe is angled towards the second toe, the deformity is called a bunion (hallux valgus). This causes a bump on the side at the base of the big toe. In addition, there is often thickening of the skin and tissues next to the affected joint. The thickened skin and tissues may become inflamed, swollen and painful.

BunionFree™ Orthopedic Bunion Brace

The Orthopedic Bunion Brace helps the big toe alignment. The embedded aluminum bar can provide moderate support while you are wearing it. Gently realigns the toe to slow the formation and progression of bunions, while providing pain-relieving support.


If you are suffering from hallux valgus, the sensitive skin is very vulnerable to pressure and friction from shoes, sometimes it may be extremely painful. But actually, you can take full advantage of the nighttime to straighten your big toe and alleviate your foot's pain.

The Orthopedic Bunion Brace can also be worn postoperatively. The soft and lightweight material makes it comfortable enough to wear on the floor, you can adjust the tightness as you need.

BunionFree™ Orthopedic Bunion Brace


1. Start wearing them for 5-15 min and increase by 5 min per session until you can comfortably wear them for 30 min or more. Allow your big toe enough time to stretch. You can adjust the tightness as your need.
2. If you have a foot condition and the pain gets worse, please stop using them and ask your doctor for more specific advice.
3. Note: If your foot problem is pretty serious, please choose the appropriate method according to your doctor's opinions.


  • Fully adjustable, the bunion splint comfortably fits most individuals without slipping or bunching. You can adjust the tightness as your need.
  • It can be used to wear on the floor at home, bunion correcting at night, and relieving pain after bunion surgery.
  • Effectively alleviate the pain of hallux valgus, hammer toe, turf toe, and help the crooked toes straighten.
  • Gently realigns the toe to slow the formation and progression of bunions, while providing pain-relieving support.
  • Straighten your big toe by pushing it towards its natural alignment and quickly relieve the constant pain.
  • Soft fabric, comfortable feeling, high quality.
  • 1 Piece left/ right foot


Universal: One Size Fits All

Package Included:
  • 1 x Orthopedic Bunion Brace

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