Orthopedic Memory Foam Seat Cushion - Pain Relief & Posture Correction + FREE Cover Included

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This Pain Relief Cushion Seat Will Correct Your Lumbar Spine & Provide Comfort! 


The cushion seat is designed to relieve back pressure and improve sitting posture on any chair, sofa, recliner or car seat. It contours naturally against the back to provide effective lumbar support for all-day back comfort.

  • Office or Working from Home - Instantly add satisfying lumbar support to any chair and enjoy improved and enhanced productivity.
  • Relaxing or TV Watching - Enjoy soothing lower back relief whether you are sitting on the sofa, recliner or reading in bed.
  • Driving - Enjoy comfy cushioning with every drive without fatigue.
  • Always Supportive - Extra dense memory foam provides excellent support even against soft backings like beds and pillows.
  • Grippy Bottom - Secures the orthopedic cushion against your chair, removable in seconds.
  • Adjustable Secure Strap - Accommodates any chair back, and grips tightly to prevent sliding.

100% Premium Memory Foam

The bottom cushion sets utilize durable, high density memory foam to balance between too little and too much cushioning. Too little support can result in further pain, while too much can result in incorrect positioning and sitting in an awkward position.


Non-slip Rubber Bottom

The textured bottom on the tailbone cushion stays securely in any seat. Perfect for your office or kitchen chairs, car, truck, wheelchair, computer desk chairs, and couch.

Breathable Mesh Cover

Durable mesh fabric cover can minimize heat buildup and provide superior air circulation and breathability to keep you cool while easily standing up to tough everyday use.



Corrective Sitting Posture

Seat cushion responds to the heat of your body to provide the optimal density of cushioning for truly support.

The back cushion provides a perfect blend of comfort and support for your upper, mid, or low back.

Added Comfort and Stability

The two adjustable straps provide seating stability keeping the cushion in place and maximising support and therapeutic effectiveness.


Machine Washable Cover

Washing: The seat cushion comes with a conveniently removable hypoallergenic cover that is machine washable.

Drying: Air dry only.

NOTE: The memory foam pillow core is NOT washable, when using it ensure there is a cover over it so you only need to wash the cover,


 What Makes This Back Support Cushion Perfect For You?

  • Ergonomically shaped cushion gives relief from aches and pains when sitting for long periods of time. Great for use in the office, in the car or lorry or simply for relaxing at home.
  • Made with 100% premium-quality firm yet comfortable memory foam and is encased in a removable, breathable, and washable 3D ventilated mesh cover, which wicks away sweat and moisture and keeps you cool and comfortable throughout the day.
  • The memory foam we use is so pure that it retains its shape and density while keeping you comfortable and protected.


Fix Your Posture & Say Goodbye To Buttocks Pain

The cushion is ergonomically designed to provide support where your body needs it most. The cushion encourages better posture and prevent pain and fatigue in the lumbar region.


Item Type: Seat Cushion
Material: Soft Short Plush/Breathable Mesh
Filling: memory foam
Colour: black,
Size: About 45x35x7cm
Weight: approximately 550g

NOTE: The memory foam pillow core is NOT washable, when using it ensure there is a cover over it so you only need to wash the cover (Air Dry Only)

Package Includes:

1x Orthopedic Memory Foam Seat Cushion - Pain Relief & Posture Correction

1x Washable Cover (Air Dry Only)


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