Olympic Z Curl Bar Weight Lifting Barbell 48 - 200Lb Gym Fitness Chrome Steel Bar

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Standard Z Curl Bar Barbell Weight Bar Home Gym Fitness Exercise Lift

Keep your barbells organized 

this advanced gym organizer saves you more storage space for your fitness equipment and is designed to help you get more productive workouts.

Heavy-duty construction 

This fitness organizer is made of Q235 carbon steel and is structurally strong and does not collapse under heavy loads. Get the benefits of effective training in your home gym with features, style, and convenience.
Can exercise biceps, triceps, back and chest muscles; for triceps stretching, curling, skull crusher, etc.

A durable powder coating finish 

The gears are reinforced with a high-quality coating that is hammered to protect the overall structure from scratches, ensuring that its functionality, style, and shade last for years.


Holds 6 barbells and provides versatile storage for your barbell kit, Olympic/standard weightlifting kits, and other weightlifting tools, allowing you to store everything in one place.


 Weight: 13 pounds
 Length: 122cm/48in
 Capacity: 200 pounds

Package Includes

 1x barbell
 2x buckle

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