[NEW 2022] LEKATO WS-80 - 2.4GHz Guitar/Bass Wireless System

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 New Arrival!

The Amazing Lekato WS-80 2.4GHz Wireless System For Guitar and Bass Is Now Available At CFG™. 

This one is a real game-changer. With crystal clear signal transmission, this wireless guitar system is 2.4GHz ISM, produces under 3ms of latency(!), ultra-low noise, lasts 8 hours per charge, and covers over 100 feet of operation range. You can now afford to roam the stage liberated from cables and most importantly... Worry-free! Just focus now on your performance and never think again about battery life... connectivity issues... interference with other devices, all is taken care of! 😆🤘


* Over 100 feet / 30 meter operation range.
* 220° rotatable head.
* Fits all electric music instruments.
* Up to 4 sets at the same time supported.
* Easy to use, plug and play!

● Material: ABS plastic
● Sample Range: 48kHz/16bit uncompressed digital transmission
● Latency : < 3ms, no audible lag or tone loss.
● USB port for charging / Y-split cable for simultaneous charging.
● 105 dB dynamic range
● Frequency Response: 10Hz-22KHz +-1dB
● Distortion:<0.02%

Package includes:
1* Transmitter
1* Receiver
1* Y-split USB Cable
1* User Manual

Q&A : How to pair the transmitter and receiver?

1. The device comes already paired. If for any reason they are not, it's an easy fix: Turn on the transmitter and the receiver, long-press the pairing button of the receiver until the blue indicator flickers quickly.

2. Press the pairing button of the transmitter for more than 2 seconds, when they're paired successfully, the blue indicators on both of the transmitter and receiver are on.

Q&A : How to switch the working channel?

1. Double click the pairing button, you can switch the channel bank once.

2. The yellow indicator's flicker times indicate the current channel banks.

(The system divides the working frequency into 4 channel so as to avoid mutual interference, the default channel is the first channel. Each pair occupies a channel bank while in use)

● If you have any other issue after receiving your product, please email our service team at contact@sevog.com and we will do our utmost efforts to solve it for you immediately.


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