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Relieve Neck and Shoulder Stiffness with our Smart Neck and Back Massager

Use it to benefit your health. Improve blood circulation using innovative heating technology.

Eliminate a Stiff Neck and reduce muscle pain and soreness around your neck, shoulder, and back area.

Instantly remove Migraines and Headaches. Improve your well-being and let it massage you to reduce stress and anxiety.

   HEAT MODE: As comfortable as a warm towel with constant temperature to soothe the area. A pulsing frequency is transmitted to deep tissue to promote blood circulation and relieve your cervical pain.

   3 MASSAGE MODES:  Neck and Back Massager replicates the traditional acupuncture and deep-tissue Shiatsu therapy allowing your stiff connective tissue to let go almost instantly by accessing the depth of your trigger points.

  REMOTE CONTROL: This seamless, lightweight, and comfortable design allows you to wear your Intelligent Neck Massager anywhere.


Eliminates Muscle Strains & Improves your sleep

Smart Neck Massager uses revolutionary muscle technology to stimulate your tight and sore muscles to eliminate your neck and back pain.


Warm Relief

Combines low-cycle Acupulse Technology and constant heat for calming relief. Warms up to 120°F in 3 seconds


Cordless & Portable 

Weighs approx. 0.35lb, as light as headphones. You can use it whenever and wherever you are, whether it is at the office, gym, home, car, airplane &, etc.


Genuine, Authentic Massage

Soothes tired muscles reduces stress, and relieves aches and stiffness by imitating the effects of a real massage. 


Guide for Best Results 

 Use the Neck Massager for 15 minutes (automatically shuts off after 15 min) a day only to relieve pain. 

How to use it:

Step 1. Turn on the device

Step 2. Wet your neck or the 2 metal pads with a wet towel

Step 3. Put it Around your Neck

Step 4. Control and chose any mode you prefer using the remote 

Package Content
 1 x Neck and Back Massager
 1 x Control Remote 
 1 x USB Charging Cable
 1 x User Manual 

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