Reusable Double Sided Adhesive Magic Nano Heavy Duty Grip Tape

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This Nano Double Stick Tape is Professional Grade, making it the strongest double-sided tape around. It's really amazing! You can and will use it in your daily life. The most convenient benefit is that you save hundreds of pounds from purchasing unnecessary shelves, support bases and things you would usually buy to hold something up.

What Makes This The Perfect Double Sided Sticky Tape For Me?

This double stick tape is not like anything you have seen before! This tape is transparent, made with the highest quality, reusable, doesn't leave traces of glue, is washable, is eco-friendly, and non-toxic!

This product truly is the best thing that could have happened. You can use this strong double sided stick tape to keep your kitchen utensils in hand and sight, leaving it lying there stuck to the wall, the best part is that you can take them off, use them, wash them and stick them to the wall again! Just like that! 


Use the ultra stick glue tape to keep your bathroom clean and tidy, you can place your toothbrush on the wall, avoid it from falling or getting contaminated with anything else in the bathroom!

This 5m / 16FT double stick tape is the new replacement for screws and nails. You don't have to make a hole in your house walls to hang paintings, photos etc. Now it is as simple as sticking some double stick tape on the wall, removing the other side cover, and sticking the painting to the wall. 

4 Highlight Reasons Why You Need This Tape
  • STRONG VISCOSITY :Through new nano technology and adaptable material, it holds on all surfaces. This nano magic tape can be stretched, bending and folded out of shape to meet your needs.
    This reusable traceless tape holds items up to 1 KG (2.2 LBS) on smooth surfaces.
  • WASHABLE & REUSABLE: When the washable transparent tape gets dirty, it can be washed with water. After washing, it can be dried naturally or dried by a hairdryer.
    Do not wipe with a rag. And after that, you can reuse it to any smooth surface that you want.
  • DURABLE TO HEAT & COLD: The double-sided gel mat can works perfectly in a temperature range from -16C (0F) or above 62C (150F).
  • It is durable to strong heat and extreme cold.
  • MOVABLE & TRACELESS: No trace remained. No residue on the wall after tearing off the tape.



    Tape Specifications:

    • ransparent Color (washable and reusable):
    • Width: 20mm
    • Thickness: 1/2mm
    • Length: 1/3/5Metres
    • Material: Nano PU Gel


      Package Includes:

       1x World's Strongest Double Sided Tape Double Stick Tape


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