Nano Car Scratch Repair Cloth

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Our nano magic cloth has a special technology that helps to repair scratches on cars efficiently. It has a polishing function regardless of the paint color and is easy to use and carry. This nanotechnology magic cloth is mainly used for the treatment of minor paint surfaces, nail marks, and surface scratches.

Instructions for use:

1. Clean the scratched surface before use.
2. After drying the surface, wipe the scratched surface with a magic cloth until the scratches disappear.
3. The repair cloth is reusable. Fabric may turn black due to oxidation and removal of dirt, but this does not reduce polishability.
4. If the magic cloth falls to the ground and is stained with dust and sand, do not use it anymore to avoid secondary scratches.

Benefits of our nano magic cloth:

• You can polish your car quickly and wherever you are.
• Repair the paint on your car.
• Easy and convenient operation.
• Repairs scratches with ease.
• Your car will look much more cared for and beautiful.
• It is easy to store and transport.

Product specifications:

• Color: As shown in the pictures.
• Material: Nanotechnology fabric.
• Product size: about 20 * 10cm.

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