Mosquito Zapper | Electronic Mosquito Killer with USB Charging

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Mosquito Zapper

The Electronic mosquito zapper is 100% safe for humans and pets, as it contains no chemicals, emits no radiation and is entirely non-toxic. Unlike other similar products, you won't have to worry about weird smells or noise, and your kids will have a much healthier environment. This amazing device is entirely safe for the whole family!

This practical mosquito trap is extremely easy to use for everybody. It can be connected with any device with an USB port or a regular adapter, while the UV trap lamp which comes with a light-controlled sensor which turns on & off during the day and night time, all depending on your preferences.

Very easy to clean. This state-of-the-art insect zapper comes with a buckle design which removes easily for regular cleansing and washing. This mosquito zapper comes in a practical design, the small dimensions allowing you to carry it anywhere you need it!

How To Use:

  • Before going bed , remember to open your mosquito lamp at least 3 hours in advance. Please place the mosquito killer in the dark area.
  • When you are not home, the mosquito likes to stay in the damp or dark places (such as the bathroom, kitchen and utility room, etc.). The usb mosquito lamp will be more effective in these places.
  • After catching the mosquito, please do not pull the power off immediately, let fan continue to run until the mosquito is dehydrated and dried out. The product will perform its mosquito killing method.
  • Please use it for more than 48 hours for the first time. Turn off other light sources when mosquito killing, and make sure that the mosquito killer lamp is the only light source. Place it at a distance of more than one meter above the ground.


    Product power supply: USB

    Size: 13X13X22.8CM

    Power cord length: 108cm

    Rated power: 5W

    Package Includes:

    1x Mosquito Killer

    1x USB Cable

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