MLAY RF Radio Frequency Face Lifting Device & Wrinkle Remove, Skin Lifting

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This radio frequency facial massager gives an electrical stimulation to your muscles that helps stimulate the regeneration of collagen, the elasticity of the skin and smooth wrinkles. It has LED lights to provide a painless treatment that helps the production of collagen and treat acne, it has 5 types of light modes: Red improves wrinkles, Green improves dark spots, Blue works to treat acne and oily skin, yellow and pink help to whiten the skin. You can use it anywhere as it is wireless and has a charging base included.

Benefits of our radio frequency facial massager:

• Firms the skin and eliminates wrinkles.
• Helps reduce bags under the eyes.
• Through this special current, the space of the skin cells is opened, making the effective ingredients of your skin care creams enter directly into the dermal layer, increasing absorption through the skin by 10 times.
• Has multiple actions in a single instrument.

Product specifications:

• Charging voltage: 5V.
• Operating voltage: 3.7 V.
• Operating power: 3W.
• Gear: 4 gears.

Package includes:

1 x Massager.
1 x USB + Charger Base.
1 x English manual.

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