Men's Sweat Vest - Fat Burning Sauna Vest in Black

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This Men's Sweat Vest Fat Burning Sauna Vest uses a combination of traditional neoprene and the latest production technology.

Scientific design and compression help you correct posture, tighten the abdomen, conform to your body curves, shape your body shape, help you more easily achieve fitness goals. This internal polymer material does not absorb water, so you can wipe the sweat with a towel when you sweat too much so that you can keep it dry.

Comfortable stretchy fabric creates a light and tight feeling during your workout.

Unique design makes an abdominal compression and lumbar support, protect your body from a sports injury.

Special material makes a heat cycle for your body, increases body temperature, and absorbs sweat during High-intensity exercise, keeping you warm and dry!!

Easy to care, hand wash in cold water with a soft detergent, hang dry can maintain shape and elasticity. Do not machine wash or iron.

✅ Fits under your clothes without looking noticeable

Double layer textile, with inner faced textile to remove toxins, water, and fat, while the outer textile remains dry for a complete workout.


The Best Way To Burn Fat

Scientific investigation shows: Fat Burning with sweating can make our mood better, while also getting rid of all those harmful waste. During your workouts, this vest can generate a heat cycle on the body's surface which helps burn more fat!!




 Material: 80% Neoprene 20% Nylon



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 1x Men's Neoprene Sweat Vest

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