Mens Leather Gloves - Leather Gloves Touchscreen

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Mens Leather Gloves - Leather Gloves Touchscreen

Our Leather Gloves have a full touchscreen function and this technology allows you to enjoy the good times with all touch screen type devices, including iPhone, iPad, Android phones, etc.

Made of whole sheet of leather. Unlike many cheap products made of small piece of leather.

1.Leather gloves must avoid acid, alkali and other corrosive substances, in order to prevent corrosion to;

2.Do not touch the sharp things when you are wearing this leather gloves, to avoid bad stabbed;

3.If damp or moldy, gently wipe with cloth, and put in dry and ventilated place, Do not to expose to the sun or fire baking, to prevent the leather hardening embrittlement;

4.Avoid pressure: Too much pressure will make the surface elastic of the leather gloves damaged, also the appearance of its shape is affected.

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