Men’s Linen Trousers Sun Print Sweatpants

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Size: M
Color Linen Trousers: Khaki
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Special Sun Flower Print design
It is made of high quality Linen materials, durable for your daily wearing!
This is a great gift for your lovers or yourself.
Full Length,Pocket,Drawstring
Suitable for Daily/Casuallook

Elegant shades
Mesmerizing look

Our beach trousers / Linen pants are a lightweight and soft style of pants made from flax plant fibers. A summertime fashion staple, linen pants are breathable and thin due to their low thread count.

Why linen trousersLinen fabrics are heavier than their cotton counterparts, and they are approximately 30% stronger. They often feel more crisp initially, though through time and use, linen fabrics become soft and supple to the touch. Linen boasts longevity, luster, and lovely drape. As linen fibers are thicker than cotton fibers, a lower thread count is necessary to guarantee high quality, enduring linen fabric.

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Linen is a durable natural fiber derived from the flax plant. The finest linen comes from Europe, and specifically from Belgium, where an optimal climate and rich soil allows for strong, beautiful flax. With Belgian linen, you’ll experience bedding with higher quality fibers.

Discover ways to wear your linen and linen-blend pants with these outfit ideas:

Elevate your summer style with linen beach pants. As a lightweight, absorbent garment, linen pants make great beach or pool cover-ups. Opt for an easy, drawstring waistline and choose pants in a light pastel color. Style over your bathing suit or pair with a sleeveless top and finish the outfit with flip-flops or slip-ons.
Go for a classic look with a white tee. For a casual daytime look, pair your linen pants with a white T-shirt. Try a black-and-white look by wearing a black pair of linen pants with your white top, or opt for a monochrome look and choose white linen pants and white sneakers.

linen trousers
Layer during colder months. For cooler days in the spring and fall, wear linen pants with a V-neck cardigan or denim jacket. This combination will help you stay cool in the sun and cozy when there is a light breeze.
Pair a fitted top with loose linen trousers. Contrast the flowy, loose style of your linen pants with a fitted top like a crop top or tank top for a trendy, casual look.
Try a casual work outfit. A pair of polished black linen pants can work as dress pants for a business casual outfit. Wear a classic white button-down blouse with your linen pants and complete the look with a blazer and loafers.

beach trousers, linen trousers, men's linen trousers, white linen trousers, black linen trousers

Package Included :

  • 1 x Men’s Linen Trousers

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