Magnetic Screen Door - Hands-Free Magnet Door Screen - Mesh Net Block Mosquito Fly Insect Bug Curtain

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For Your Bug-Free, Stay Away From Dangerous Insects

Ever consider installing a permanent screen door? 

Presents you SnapMesh Magnetic Screen Door Closure, a curtain-designed door that fits your door frame with a magnetic strip in the center for hands-free opening and automatic closing.

Finally a magnetic screen door with heavy-duty magnets and a superior mesh curtain which lets you enjoy the breeze (insect free) in your house when leaving doors open


  • Heavy-duty magnets ensure a quick, automatic close each and every time.
  • Easy for children & pets to walk through while blocking off any flies and insects from entering the house.
  • Each magnetic flyscreen door is installed in minutes with no tradesman tools required.
  • Folds up for easy storage
  • Fits single doors, sliding doors, caravan’s, RV’s and more
  • Instantly opens, magically closes
  • Long service life
  • Durable, easy to clean

Magnetic Insect Screens is committed to providing you with the best price and value on your next magnetic screen door.

Avoid the cheap nylon mesh screen doors

Compared to the cheap nylon insect screen mesh, this mesh material is more durable and will last longer in your home. The density of this door curtain is 15×17 mesh.

This mesh is not only great in keeping out flies and insects, but also allows fresh air and sunshine into your home.

Some benefits of buying the better quality mesh models include:

  1. Chemical corrosion resistant
  2. Retains a good natural looking solid shape


Simply attach the screen to your door frame with the hooks and loop velcro in and keep mosquitos, bugs, and pests out of your home and let the fresh breezy air in.

✓ Keep the bugs out.

✓ Ideal for home, office, and an RV.

✓ Designed for high traffic of adults, toddlers, pets.

✓ BREEZY BUG PROTECTION: Keep bugs, mosquitos, and other pests out with a magnetic screen that seals automatically as you walk through. The polyester mesh allows the circulation of fresh air while shut.

✓ CHILD & PET FRIENDLY: The polyester mesh fabric is designed to withstand thousands of uses while also being lightweight so your toddler and pets could push their way through by themselves.

✓ QUICK & EASY INSTALLATION: Simply attach it to your door frame with included velcro strips and push pins for reinforced and added security.  

✓ SOLID & DURABLE: Heavy-duty mesh construction with bottom weights ensures the screen hangs tight and will not be blown open by the wind.

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