LEATHER CARE™ Leather Repair Sheet Large 50Cm x 120Cm

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Easy, Fast and Without Any Hassle LEATHER CARE™ 
Professional Adhesive  LEATHER CARE™ repair and fix any Scratches and tears on your leather seats,  car seat or leather sofa.
You don't have to spend money on leather restoration leather car seat repair, repair car upholstery or  leather sofa repair. Now with our Magic 
LEATHER CARE™ You will instantly, festally and easily repair your leather goods.
Self-adhesive : Simply cut the sheet in the desired shape and stick it on the scratch, crack or tear, Magically!  LEATHER CARE™ will do the rest and cover scratches and gouges.
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Our Leather Repair Patch is compatible with all leather color restorer and leather cleaner liquids or creams in the market. 
Stop searching leather repair near me, save your time and your money. 
leather repair patches is the best efficient tool for covering kinds of  messy and ugly broken seam gouges or  Deep scratches in leather furniture.
Self Adhesive Leather Fix Repair Patch Stick-on Leather Sofa, Bed, Bag, Car Seat or Clothing
Leather Fixing Sheet,  LEATHER CARE™ , Professional Leather Fixing Sheet
Multiple Uses: Our Professional Leather Fixing Sheet works great on leather, vinyl, and many other upholstery fabrics, such as car seats, sofas, beds, bags & handbags, suitcases, and leather shoes & clothing.
Professional Leather Fixing Sheet
The patches fixed with our professional Leather Fixing Sheet are totally SEAMLESS. It conforms to all uneven surfaces.
The adhesive used in our Professional  LEATHER CARE™   is of very High Quality and doesn't unglued from the skin.
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  Waterproof, durable and echo-friendly  
leather repair, Waterproof, durable and echo-friendly


  • Material: PU Self-adhesive Leather
  • Colors available: Black Beige Pink Off White Khaki Dark Brown Light Brown Navy Dark Green Royal Blue White Gray Red Red wine Orange Sky Blue Yellow Dark Purple
  • Size: 20 X 30 CMS
  • Colors: White, beige, red, dark blue, camel, coffee, brown, dark brown, dark green, dark gray, champagne, black, dark red
1 x LEATHER CARE™  Professional Leather Fixing Sheet


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