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Painful knees and joints causing your steps to feel heavy? These Power Knee Stabilizer Pads are here for you! Bring back the lightness to your steps!

Use the knee brace joint support pads to provide the ultimate support for your knee joints. Great for supporting people with weak or injured joints, this device allows you to move around more easily without a lot of effort.

Designed with high-tech alloy springs and an elastic knee belt, this revolutionary brace will help to alleviate the joint pain caused by your own body weight in the knees and ankles!

Buy Power Leg Spring Iron Knee Guard for Sports and Works and Daily Life

Maximum Support

This knee brace protects your knee entirely against any external pressure or damage. This property supports the thighs and calves, reducing any knee joint strain or swelling.

Ultimate Convenience

This brace be it shorts or trousers, can be worn under any clothing. This product gets the job done, giving you as much support and cushion as you need!

Ultra Soft & Comfortable

This product features breathable mesh and non-slip padding, this pair of knee pads helps you to more effectively perform daily tasks.


Perfectly fitted to help relieve joint pain, the Anti-Gravity Spring Loaded Knee Brace can be worn wherever you go. Whether you're going for a run or just staying at home, you can absolutely wear this anywhere!

This pair of knee pads is a breakthrough product that’s made to let you perform daily tasks more efficiently and comfortably. Each pad can withstand a weight of up to 20 kilograms. Supports your thighs and calves reducing the pressure on your knees.

 Premium Knee Support Technology


  • Great for various sports such as mountain climbing, bicycle, golf, badminton, work out, and more
  • Ideal for arthritis, injury recovery, tendinitis, knee cap instability, and general joint pain
  • Powerful rebound spring force-it works to support your thighs and calves, effectively reducing the pressure on your knees
  • Breathable Mesh, Non-slip Fabric - It's comfortable, whether worn directly wrapped around your bare knees or over your pants
  • Durable, easy to use, and can be worn outside your clothes with its Velcro-type length control
  • One size fits all



  • Breathable
  • Non-Slip Pads
  • Powerful Rebound Spring Force
  • Knee Booster
  • Leg Protector 
  • Protect Knee During Activity
  • Makes It Easier To Get Up 
  • Reduce Stress On Ligaments
  • Usable During Sports & Activities
  • Improve Recovery Speed



 Type: support knee pad
 Quantity: 1pc
 Material: metal + cloth
 Color: black
 Size: 30*10*9cm/11.79*3.93*3.54inch(L*W*H)
 Net weight:225g/7.94oz


Package Includes

  1 x Pair of Joint Support Knee Pads

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