Infrared Night Vision Scope Camera - Night Vermin Hunting Scope Waterproof

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If you love shooting and hunting animals in the wild. To feel the adrenaline of fighting against nature and to track down and find a wild animal. If that's the case, then, you definitely have to try this  clear vision scope. This product is the future of hunting.

Clear Vision Scope with military design

Enhance your normal vision and scope. This clear vision scope comes with a camera tube to fit your normal snipping scope and a 3-inch display screen for an easy and comfortable scope without losing your peripherical vision. All this also includes a high-quality night vision, perfect to hunt down night walkers as wolves and other predators. 

 Made to last every environment 

This product also comes with an infrared pointer. Chose if you prefer LED light or laser. You won't ever miss a target while using this clear vision scope. With 2 ring mounts to properly fit and secure both the display screen and the Infrared light. You will transform your regular hunting rifle into a high-quality military semi-automatic rifle!

Every piece of the product is made with the best quality materials, they are smash-proof, anti-shock, weather-resistant, and water-proof. Perfectly suited for every occasion

Product Specifications: 

Package contains: 

1x camera tube

1x Camera 

2x Ring mounts

1x 3-inches display screen

1x Infrared Light/LED






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