HD 150X Telescope for Beginners - Professional Astronomical Space Telescope with Tripod Stand - White

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A telescope that can provide the needs of beginners and professionals in Astronomy.

Telescope meets all the needs of beginners, and a kid's educational journey begins from here! Even if you are just a beginner, amateur, or professional, our Telescope With Stand is easy to use and can be mastered within a day.

Expand Your Astronomical Experience with Our 150x Magnification Zoom Space Telescope. Get High-Quality Clear Photos of the Moon. This Refracting Space Astronomical Telescope is easy to use & suitable for entry-level students and astronomical beginners.

Best Telescope For Beginners

Discover the mystery of the universe with a 3X Barlow lens, two eyepieces, H20mm & H6mm. Whether it's watching moons and stars at night or observing planets, the telescope is the best helper for astronomy beginners & kids.



  • Top Telescope for Beginners & Kids - Equipped with two eyepieces & 3X Barlow lens, get magnification from 15X to 150X.
  • Best Compact Telescope - It is a compact and universal telescope with great image quality and high magnification power.
  • Focal Length & Large Aperture - 360mm focal length, Hybrid Diagonal 90° and 70mm aperture provides more lights and clearer images, even beginners can get clear images.
  • Easy to carry & StoreSuitable for astronomical beginners and entry-level amateur children.
  • Effortless Take High-Quality Images - Package contains a smartphone universal adapter to take high-quality astrophotos & this Telescope is best for astrophotography!
  • Don't worry about installation - It's very easy to assemble & dismount. Even beginners and kids can install it easily.



  • Project Type: Desktop Astronomical Telescope
  • Eyepieces: H20 mm (15 times) and H6 mm (50 times) eyepieces
  • Extender: 1.5 times and 3 times
  • Total magnification: 15X-150X
  • Objective lens diameter: 70mm
  • Focusing device: focal length 300mm
  • With lens cap and eyepiece cap
  • Tripod height: 390mm
  • Product weight: 3.5 pounds


How to assemble the telescope

  1. Extend the aluminum tripod feet to the maximum, until the center tube bracket is placed horizontally.
  2. There is a mounting bayonet at the bottom of the telescopic lens barrel. Insert this bayonet into the slot on the top of the tripod.
  3. Turn the knurled knob on the tripod head to tighten the tube around the tripod.
  4. Screw the timing control arm into the threaded hole on the back of the base
  5. Place the diagonal mirror on the end of the telescope tube
  6. Place the 20mm eyepiece (20mm marked on the eyepiece) in the diagonal lens
  7. Remove the cover from the big head of the telescope
  8. F30070M can now be used.


Package Includes

  • 1x telescope tube
  • 1 1.5x upright eyepiece
  • 1 3X extender
  • 1x viewfinder range
  • 1 tripod (15 inches high)
  • 1 H20mm eyepiece
  • 1x H6mm eyepiece
  • 1x diagonal lens

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