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The revolutionary Hands-Free 360 Automatic Sonic Toothbrush cleans your teeth in seconds without any effort!

With more than  20,000 sold, the Hands-Free 360 Automatic Sonic Toothbrush is growing in popularity simply because it saves time, effort, and gives a professional oral cleaning experience.


✔️ Clean, Whiten & Massage with 3 different modes in 1 device and 1 button operation

✔️ Proven "Ultra vibration" technology removes all kinds of bacteria in just 45 seconds

✔️ Bactericidal Blue Light can kill, disinfect, remove calculus and plaque, and refresh your mouth, teeth, and gums

Dentists generally recommend two whole minutes (which feels like an eternity if you actually last the full two minutes) to brush your entire mouth.

When this time is extrapolated to the amount of time each tooth surface is brushed, (assuming 28 erupted adult teeth, with three exposed surfaces of most of these teeth), each surface is only brushed for about 1.4 seconds!

That does not seem like a whole lot of time! However, with the V-White, each tooth surface will be brushed for 10 seconds, and it will only take 45 seconds to brush your entire mouth, hands-free!

Nearly all dental and periodontal (gum) disease is caused by either poor brushing technique or lack of brushing altogether.

With the V-White, never have to worry about your brushing technique or having to do it for 4 minutes per day. Now you get the perfect brushing technique in just a matter of 30 seconds per day!


Ultimate Convenience

The 360 Electric Toothbrush is wireless and has a charge time of 90 minutes. Its portable design makes it easy and convenient to carry anywhere you go.

One Size Fits All

 Our Hands-Free Electric Mouthpiece covers around each tooth making sure not one spot is missed.

Highly Efficient

 The Ultra-Vibration of this sonic toothbrush has been proven to be the leading way to prevent and eliminate gum disease, receding gums, plaque, bacteria, stains, and germs.

Easy to Use

Apply toothpaste evenly on to mouthpiece, pick a mode, place the toothbrush in your mouth, push the on button, and it will automatically shut off in 45 seconds.


 Color: White
 Material: ABS
 Size: About 11 x 6 x 2.5cm
 Rated voltage: 3.7V
 Rated output power: 4W

Package Includes

 1x Hands-Free Sonic Toothbrush

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