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Our hair growth serum has an enriched formula that leaves your hair with greater volume, density, and a healthy appearance with just 4 weeks of use.

It is ideal to promote the growth of that slow speed hair, it can be used by men and women at any time, its ingredients are 100% natural so it is ideal for use by people with all skin types without taking any risk.

Use: Add 3ml of hair growth essence to a 100ml shampoo and shake evenly.

Benefits of our hair growth serum:

• Will grow your hair in just 4 weeks.
• You will be able to cover those hairless areas that you have on your scalp quickly and effectively.
• Lasts up to 2 years thanks to being mixed with your usual shampoo.
• With the only 3ml for each shampoo you can get the result you want in your hair.
• Strengthens and nourishes damaged hair.

Product specifications:

• Use: Each 100ml shampoo is added to 3ml and shaken.
• Net weight: 20ml / bottle.
• Useful life: Two years.
• Main ingredient: Ginger.

Package includes:

1 x Hair Growth Serum.

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