Grill Cleaning Brush - Steam Brush

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Grill Cleaning Brush - Steam Brush

Our Grill Cleaning Brush is made with a new type of ABS material, durable wire sweeping, cleaning fast, inexpensive and reasonable,for a variety of barbecue. The Steam Brush is very Easy to use 

Simply preheat the grill, fill the PRO Grill with water (the water valve should be off during filling), turn on the water valve and brush away the caked food and grease.


While you are cleaning, the PRO Grill emits just the right amount of water, the water hits the hot grill, becomes steam and flushes away burnt food, grease and dirt.

  • For more steam, loosen the filling cap. 
  • For hard-to-clean areas, flip the brush over to release water from the patented scraper brush and use the scraper brush in a criss-cross
  • direction to blow up and melt away even the most stubborn, baked residue with the brush. 
  • No toxic chemical anymore. No more tedious work. 
  • The Grill gives you a spotless grill in minutes. 
  • Equipped with a practical hanger, the Grill can be conveniently stowed away and ready to go. 
After each use, drain excess water and leave the on / off valve in the on position.

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